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Ramon Martos is the creative mastermind behind the book 'And Justice for Art - Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers', a unique collection of revealing tales about the making of some of the most iconic album covers in the history of heavy...

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Greg Interviews Alison Richards (2015)

Q. How did you get started in photography? “My background is marketing. I used to do strategic marketing for a number of different sectors and I was too busy and lost sight of me. My partner and I decided that we weren’t happy just going...

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Greg Interviews Author Alex Lewis (2015)

Q. Both Paul and you have been involved with the Tolkien Society at various times over the years. How did you actually meet? “We kind of hooked up through The Festival in the Shire, which is a celebration of the life and works of Tolkien....

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Greg interviews Mark Wilkinson (2015)

Q. You first met Paul after working on his book ‘Beyond Time and Place’. How did that come about? “Paul was working on his book ‘Beyond Time and Place’ and he needed a designer, someone to put it together. He’d seen my book ‘Shadowplay’ and...

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Greg interviews Cynosure Guitars (2015)

Q. Tell us a bit about your work in general, how you got started and where you’d like to see it going? “I am a guitar luthier and artist, with a ‘uniquely unique’ strategic-building concept. Essentially, my creations are the result of the...

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Greg Interviews Fiaz Farrelly (2015)

Q. How did you get started in photography? “I was studying at a design college down in Waterford and we had a small one-hour photography class per week. One day my photography teacher said to me ‘You know, you have an eye for this’ but I’d...

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Greg interviews Chris from Hobgoblin (2015)

Q.Hobgoblin already has links with Bloodstock through sponsoring the festival’s Metal 2 The Masses initiative which seeks to support upcoming bands. Paul Gregory recently designed several t-shirts for Hobgoblin – was this a natural extension...

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Greg interviews Ramon Martos (2015)

Q. You’re staging a launch for your book ‘And Justice for Art’ in the gallery at Bloodstock 2015 – how did this come about? “This was an unexpected surprise. I’ve known Paul Gregory for some years now. He’s in my humble opinion, a master...

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