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About The Rock And Metal Museum (RAM)

Our ambition is to strengthen the bonds and create exciting new possibilities where the worlds of art and music meet. Hard rock and heavy metal have always been highly visual forms, the look inextricably bound to the sound. By promoting and supporting musicians, artists, photographers and others who work within rock and metal and the vast realm of visual styles that help bring the genre to life, the RAM celebrates the past, present, and future of the passions we all share. The legacy of rock and metal is legendary, and the scene remains vital and vibrant. While paying tribute to both, the RAM forges fearlessly into the future with our commitment to the wealth of emerging talent which we have showcased from the start.

So far, the RAM has taken the form of a temporary exhibition space hosted by Bloodstock, the UK's No.1 metal festival. Our ultimate aim, however, is to establish a permanent, purpose built, bricks-and-mortar hub allowing a major expansion in the size and scope of what we can offer. This would include a live venue and bar, studio and rehearsal facilities, and a permanent exhibition space exceeding the high standards fans have already come to expect. Beyond this, the possibilities are simply a matter of imagination, with photographic, design, and merchandise services being just a few of those in the pipeline. And with the help of our growing list of industry supporters and sponsors, opportunities for future creative collaborations will continue to flourish.

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